Haiti Requests Foreign Troops after President’s Assassination

Haiti has called for foreign troops to be sent into the country to protect key infrastructure after the assassination of President Jovenel Moses.

The request was sent by the government to the United States and the United Nations, but the United States has said it has no plans to offer military assistance “at this time.”

Haitian police had previously said that a group of 28 foreign mercenaries had killed the president on Wednesday.

After an armed confrontation in the capital, Port-au-Prince, 17 of them were arrested.

Some members of the group, which Haiti says includes retired Colombian soldiers, were detained at the home they used and others after entering the Taiwan diplomatic complex, police said.

Police killed three suspects and eight remain at large.

Although the United States will not offer troops, it said Friday it will send representatives to the FBI and Haiti’s Department of Homeland Security to help with the investigation.

The UN Security Council will have to approve any plan to send international troops to Haiti under the auspices of the UN.

The murder sparked civil unrest in Haiti, the poorest nation in the United States. The state of emergency continues throughout the country and it is not clear who is actually responsible for the government of the country.

The bloodied and bruised suspects were shown to the media on Thursday, along with several seized weapons.

It is not yet clear who and for what motive organized the attack.

The attacker struck shortly after noon on July 7, when armed men broke into the president’s home, shot and wounded his wife. According to authorities, 53-year-old Mr. Moses was found lying on his back with 12 gunshot wounds and one excavated eye.

Martin Moses, 47, was seriously injured and is in stable condition after being taken to Florida for treatment.

Police said the strike team consisted mainly of Colombians, along with two Americans with Haiti.

The suspects were found with firearms, a set of US one dollar bills, a personal checkbook from the president and a server containing surveillance footage of his home, Le Nouvelist newspaper reported.

Taiwan has confirmed that 11 of the suspects were arrested after breaking into the courtyard of its compound.

Angry civilians joined the search for the gunmen and helped the police find some hiding in the bushes. The mob set fire to three suspects’ cars and destroyed records

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