There was a sister who met her brother while they were traveling, the brother asked the sister for a phone number on the way and bought her everything she wanted, when she got to the stand she paid for transportation to their home where she was heading. So they kept in touch daily. The other day he calls her and they go out to eat and drink and he gives her money.
The sister said to her friends, “I have found a lump in my throat. What do you want me to give you?” The gays said to him try the sister called the boy and told him today I am just here I want to leave but I do not have the money for the saloon I am very anxious to go to the Club with my friends. The relative said ok and sent him 3 lakhs of saloon and told him if it was not enough for him to say.
Comrades said lol gay sir you found him. When the evening came, the man called the girl and asked her which club you were going to? the sister mentioned the Club they want to go to and the master told her then I would send someone to pick them up and you would find me there.
After a while the sister went with her panel, when they arrived they drank, ate and danced. they were sent home as promised. The next day the gentleman said to the sister I want to talk to you but please come alone. The sister got up and left when she got there and the brother said to her that I really like your friend, the white man, please tell him my feelings and I don’t have a plan to play with him, I will marry him completely
I never even brought you to me because I know only a wife deserves to know in my home.
Did the sister say to me? the brother asked you what? The sister replied, “Where will you take me? So why are you leaving me?” the brother said to him I have never loved you romantically, I considered you as my friend but I have never talked to you about love I always love something I don’t take the time to say it right away. Since I got to know you we have about three months I have never even touched your hair. If there is anything I have done for you it is just holding your hand something that even friends do
The sister cried and said, “Why did you grow up bribing me?” the brother laughed and said I never bribed you I grew up giving you as my friend. I have no reason to deprive you even though I have not been taught that and do not think if I marry your friend and then you ask me I will deny you no I will give you as I have but I will never give you priority than my wife. If my wife is satisfied with what I gave her then you will get it too.
So the sister told him I can’t tell my friend they will laugh at me they all know you are my master. I can’t ask you to love me my brother. The brother told her I can’t love you as my wife I don’t have those feelings for you, and don’t be afraid to tell her it’s better to let them know you misunderstood my love they will caress and comfort you, than to keep quiet. For when I meet your friend anywhere I will tell him the need of my heart and when he refuses thinking that I am his brother-in-law I will explain to him how I am and in order to defend myself to find him I will go deeper and tell him that I sent you this message and did not convey it. then your friends will look down on you and mock you. They will bring you clear goals and you will feel worthless. Misunderstanding is not a problem but the problem comes when you realize that what you understand is not what you are clinging to.
The sister replied now why don’t you love me when you first saw me? the brother replied that not everything in the beginning deserves there are other useful ones in the middle and even the end as well. Basically don’t be in a hurry to make a decision and ask you a question sister? The sister answered yes. The brother said to him while you were with your girlfriend? the sister replied no. Kaka asked him who gave it? the sister replied to my first boyfriend. The brother asked him if he was alive or dead. The sister told him she was alive with her other boyfriend. So the brother said to him, “WHY DIDN’T YOU FORCE A MARRIAGE TO SOMEONE WHO FIRST KNOWN YOURSELF AND COME FORCED MY MARRIAGE? All your friends that you brought with you are not the one I instructed you to be very civilized among all your friends, he did not drink alcohol, he did not like music you just forced him to come often he grew up to be a man to sit down, he constantly insisted we go home. Even as we grew up leaving he told me it’s okay and you’re going to rest because you’re tired too we at home will go on our own not far from here taking Tax. You all kissed him and told him that it was a man’s job to send us and give us the money for the soup tomorrow. Where did you find a friend like that why doesn’t he go with you? The girl, crying, replied that she was our house girl and I would like to leave her so that my father and mother would not feel that I was going to do bad things wherever I went. So the brother told her to go and tell your house girl that I LOVE HER VERY MUCH.

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