One man and one girl were in a relationship. After several years of their relationship, the man graduated from university and decided to increase his knowledge by going to study abroad.
Before leaving the country, he made dating proposals for the girl. “The boy said to his daughter,” I am not a talker, but I know I love you very much. If you let me marry you, I will be a man for the rest of your life.
The girl agreed and they went to introduce themselves to the parents.
The parents on both sides agreed to let their young ones marry because they really loved each other. But before leaving, the young man wore an engagement ring and promised to get married when he returned to the country.
The daughter continued her work while the young man went abroad to further his education. They were constantly communicating through emails and phone calls.
Although distant love was difficult for them, no one ever showed despair.
One day as she was walking to work, she was struck by a car that had lost its way. He lost consciousness suddenly and the day he woke up he found his parents near him. He realized that he was in the hospital and badly injured.
When he saw his mother crying, he wanted to say something but he realized no sound was coming out..he lost his voice. The doctor reported that the brain was damaged and thus lost the ability to speak. Also his left leg was broken and he could not support it again.
After leaving the hospital, the daughter continued to be cared for while her fiancé called on a daily basis. The daughter did not accept or want anyone to tell the boy her condition. He did not want to be a burden to the young man.
So he wrote her a letter and told her that he could not wait for her to move on with her life. In the letter she attached the engagement ring she wore before the young man left.
After receiving the letter, the young man made an effort to send a letter and make repeated phone calls to comfort her, but the girl was just crying and not answering.
The girl’s parents decided to move her away, hoping she would forget everything and be happy again.
In the new environment, the daughter learned sign language. As he told himself he would forget the boy.
One day a friend of hers visited her and told her that the boy had returned to the country. The girl begged her friend not to tell the boy that she was there and not to tell her anything about what had happened to her.
After that there was no further information about the boy.
A year passed, and one day his friend came to the girl and handed her a grown envelope with the boy’s wedding invitation card. The girl was deeply hurt.
But after opening the envelope, he saw his name on the card. Just as he was about to ask his friend for practical signatures, he saw a young man walk in.
The young man used practical language and said to him “I have spent a whole year learning practical language so that I can contact you and tell you that, although you have been through a lot, I still have not forgotten my promise to you. Give me a chance to be your voice. I love you so much …”
The bride and groom, God has blessed them with three children, live in love with laughter and a smile as the national anthem of their marriage.
It is clear that when you think you have lost all hope, that is when your helper will appear. No matter what problem your partner encounters, never leave him or her alone. Be like a team that is thirsty for success.
Be his voice when he loses his voice, his light when he loses hope and when there is success then rejoice together.
May Allah bless you who have read this message, may He bless you with someone who will grow up with you shoulder to shoulder in the stages of life and never leave you .. !!

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