Johnson had a lot of properties, at just a young age of 32 he had three houses three cars and many other properties. She was working in one organization so often she was busy at work, her wife was a home mother. He tried to open a business for him but it was always difficult for a woman to eat capital and ended up saying ′′ I am not a business person!” the situation hurt Johnson because he wanted his wife to depend on herself.

Together with having a lot of money but Johnson wasn’t happy, he was looking at his three children and feeling sorry for them. He knew that when he dies he will live a life of trouble. He always remembered his boss who died and his wife was given benefits he couldn’t stand that way they were living praying because even brothers had separated them.

Because he always tried to open a business for his wife but the wife was lazy and didn’t want to do business. Johnson got so hurt he got tired of the situation and got tired of his wife’s habits eating the capital every time. One day Johnson came home and told his wife ′′ I found another woman, I can’t live with you anymore, I want to start my life with someone else. I will leave everything to you and I will leave just the way I am.”

His wife didn’t believe him at all since her husband was loving him so much. She cried and apologized for the mistakes she didn’t know but Johnson didn’t forgive her, left and went to live with another woman. He left him a lot of money and all the houses, he took nothing. His wife started using that money until it finished, that’s when she realized she had no other income.

When he totally lost money he started selling cars then his house, he sold his first house and made a lot of money but the branches oppressed him so little. After getting them he used them for normal use but they ended within a short period of time because he still thought he was rich and the use was great. Seeing that she started looking for a second home client found and sold, this one was very keen so when she sold she got her money and used it in teaching children and paying for home needs

After only three months the money ended, he had only one house left. That’s where the brain was decorated, life started to be difficult so he knew if he sells that other house then he will live in the estate. He decided to take a bank loan to open a business, after getting money he opened a business that didn’t even last six months.

She was confused, she had nothing and the house was almost sold, she followed her husband to apologize but her husband didn’t care. Banks came and sold a house so had to go live rented house, cars sold and had nothing at all. He didn’t know how to look for money, brothers separated him from him to be like a prayer.

She had to open a diet to just live in trouble again. One day when he was sitting down he saw her husband coming, he came to greet her and told her to get in the car. She ran fast when she had another woman in the car who lived together, wanted to get mad but she had nothing to keep quiet to listen to. Johnson fed the car to the house they lived.

That lady was surprised that the house was sold by the bank. Johnson told him no, the house was not sold the loan was fake, the money I withdrew, all the houses you sold I bought and everything I did I wanted to show you that you need to learn to look for. I have left you for one year you have sold everything, how will I live forever if I die today my children will suffer and be street children.

You have a great use my wife but you don’t involve yourself, you depend on me for everything when you know I won’t live forever. Right now I was acting, this sister here is not my wife she is my friend and we don’t live together you are the only one who knows that, I didn’t leave you but I wanted you to learn that I won’t live forever. His wife was surprised together that she was not happy with the action she did but she learned something.

Since that day she decided to struggle, she was no longer lazy, no one to say I can’t, she worked knowing her husband won’t live forever. The problems he went through after being divorced for a year he didn’t want to go through them like God took her husband. Started a business and didn’t depend on husband’s properties anymore, he stood up well until they stood with him having his income without depending on her husband


There are many men who deny their wives to work as if they are sure they will live forever, there are many women who don’t want to work or be lazy because they get everything from their husbands. But all of them fail to know that no man will live forever, so if you know your husband will live forever then don’t work with you man if you know you will live forever and prevent your wife from working or else you are making hard for your children like you go ahead!.

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