Insurance Companies in Kenya

The insurance provides coverage for the risk of death for a certain period. In case the insured life dies during the policy period, the life insurance company pays the death allowance to the nominee. It is a clean risk coverage plan that offers high coverage with low premiums.

Insurance in Kenya is taken as a set of processes permitted or promoted in that country to reduce or minimize the losses that may result from the constant exposure of people and the assets they hold to risks (and those risks may be natural causes or financial risks or personal risks).

Risks mean potential danger. The types of losses that could occur if such risks were incurred could be fatal or non-fatal.

  1. Kenya Reinsurance Corporation
  2. Liberty Life Assurance Kenya Limited
  3. Metropolitan Life Insurance Kenya
  4. Real Insurance Company
  5. Sanlam Kenya plc 
  6. Heritage Insurance Company
  7. Jubilee Insurance Company Limited
  8. Allianz
  9. AIG Kenya Insurance Company
  10. British-American Insurance Company Kenya Limited
  11. Cannon Assurance Company Limited
  12. CIC Insurance Group Limited
  13. First Assurance Kenya Limited
  14. GA Insurance Company
  15. Resolution Insurance Ltd
  16. Jazapay Insurance Agency
  17. Pioneer Assurance Company Limited
  18. Pioneer General Insurance Limited

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