READ: 20 Laws of Love and Money

  1. A man should not go into debt just because he wants to impress a woman. If he does not like you, he does not deserve you.
  2. girls, being a gold miner is just a humiliation. You have a sharp and capable brain, you can earn it yourself.
  3. A man should not be intimidated by a woman who has more money than you. She is looking for a man she loves, not an ATM; He can take care of himself, he sees you as a person who understands and loves him. Society sees a rich diva, but you see her more, you make her feel like a woman, and you give her something that money can’t buy.
  4. They say that there is no romance without money, but in reality romance can lead to increased finances. When two people really love each other and focus on the future together, that love motivates them to work even harder. Men are motivated by love when there is a woman who challenges them to wake up, and both have a great reward for their work.
  5. It is easier to gain wealth if you are patient and use financial discipline. The rich are like you, you can be both.
  6. Do not judge the suitability of the couple based on their financial power when you meet, you may miss true love because your goal is money. Someone who has little today may be rich tomorrow.
  7. Dates do not have to be expensive. There are many places, many things that you can both do that cost little or no money.
  8. A man will understand honestly with his wife about your financial situation from the very beginning and how much you love her. Most men constantly feel pressured to look financially strong, but sometimes periods of drought come, let them go with you and love you when you have more or less.
  9. Mom, know your husband’s purse and be sensitive. Do not claim to have an unhealthy lifestyle. Do not strain or stretch just to keep your life short.
  1. Pray together for your money. It is God who gives the power to create wealth. God will give you life and make you see the opportunities to make money.
  2. Talk about money in a meeting, before marriage and during marriage. Let this be an easy topic for discussion, do not make it difficult.
  3. Man, it’s okay for your wife to take you on a date. Sometimes a woman wants to treat her husband.
  4. Man, if your wife is rich, do not be lazy and live on her property. Man, work hard, work hard, are lucky enough to contribute financially to your relationship / marriage.
  5. Do not marry for money, if you do, if you earn, your marriage will be meaningless, marry for love.
  6. Do not make an expensive wedding at the expense of your marriage. Have a wedding at your fingertips. Do not assume that you have a happy marriage, just as you are both in a troubled marriage.
  7. Man, remember that a dowry is not a payment. You do not respect your wife, but you respect her parents. Therefore, do not abuse it because you feel that you “own” it and “buy it”.
  8. There will always be someone richer than your partner, do not despise your partner just because he does not have that amount. Do not compare your spouse with strangers.
  9. Remember that your first financial responsibility is to your family, before you give money and help others impress the public, make sure your family needs are met.
  10. Avoid having spouses who will make financial decisions for you. Yes, support and accept them, but be firm, you and your spouse will make decisions.
  11. Having children is expensive, plan and save for it. Save for your child’s needs, education and talent development. Contraception, parenting should be fun, to guide your marriage.

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