Things You Should Never Do During a Job Interview

  1. Do not come unprepared
    Take the time to find out about the company and the position you are applying for. Gathering some basic facts shows motivation and will help you know which questions to ask later. Also, prepare by bringing additional copies of your resume or CV; Some interviewers may be attracted at the last minute and appreciate your predictability.
  2. Do not be late
    No wonder here; do not be late for a job interview. In fact, extend the schedule by 20-30 minutes in case the train is late or you do not find a parking space. Arriving at an interview five to ten minutes early is perfectly acceptable and gives you time to prepare mentally.
  3. Do not leave the phone switched on
    If your phone rings during a job interview, you better hope there is a hiring manager at the other end of the line with a great offer. Cell phone ringing and formal job interviews do not interfere. As unnatural as it sounds, completely silence or turn off the phone during the interview (and remember, vibrating phones are still audible and still distracting).
  4. You do not sit down before you are invited
    Sometimes small politeness can make a big impression. Good business etiquette is not to sit down until you are invited or show your place.
  5. Do not bend
    It may sound scary old-fashioned, but posture is important. Being upright and sitting upright not only conveys a sense of maturity and experience to others, but can also boost self-confidence. If you are chronically weak, improve your posture with 10 specific stretching exercises.
  6. Do not talk about garbage
    Be honest, but be positive when it comes to talking about your current or former employer. The world is smaller than most of us imagine, and it is impossible to know what personal or professional connections your interviewer may have.
  7. Do not talk about money
    Do not talk about money unless asked to do so. Focusing on money and benefits early sends the wrong message to your prospective employer. (See also: 5 things you should never mention in a job interview)
  8. Do not murmur
    Keep your head up, speak clearly and make eye contact. Employers do not have to work to hear that, and broken backs do not look like capable and confident employees. Remember, good communication is a skill you can learn. If you have had problems in the past, explore ways to speak more effectively.
  9. Do not talk
    Speaking is that boring linguistic habit of formulating statements as if to ask (“I really enjoy my current position, but I think I’m ready for something more challenging”). Talking means you are not sure what you are talking about, you need approval and lack of self-confidence. Sure, everyone seems to do it, but speaking out is still the verbal equivalent of nails on the board.
  10. Do not skip the questions
    Your interviewer will probably ask you if you have any questions about the position or the company. Do not be shy; Be prepared with a set of basic interview questions. Talking shows that you are interested and that you have listened.

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