10 Things Most Woman are afraid to Tell Their Man

  1. My ex-boyfriend recently contacted me and asked to see me. “I chose not to tell my wife, not because he was ‘scared’, but just to avoid a possible long argument.”
  2. I did not think my boyfriend was physically attractive, nor my type when I met him. However, as I met him, the “prospects” disappeared into the background and I was attracted to his personality. I’m not sure he understands that the right way and I’m afraid I will hurt his feelings if I ever find out. We are both happier without him knowing!
  3. I’m too scared to tell my partner how deeply attached I am to him, how the thought comes to me that I will lose him in the blink of an eye, which makes me so upset and sick. I question my own reason! If I tell you this, I’m afraid I’m going to be poor, negative and insecure.
  4. I do not want children and I do not want babies. If I tell that to my husband, he will probably die of shock from not being able to love babies long before the pain begins.
  5. Shopping Online! Every time I buy things. I have to sneak into the house because I would rather do it than deal with my husband who tells me I spend too much.
  6. I have never experienced a real vaginal orgasm. I have always faked it out of fear that if I told my husband he would feel incompetent
  7. Give me space. When a woman is silent for a few hours, many men easily perceive this as meaning that his love for her is dying.
  8. Can we have a small wedding? It is often said that the wedding is made for men. The man is often the one who dreams for a long time about every detail of his wedding, the woman dreams of marrying him, whatever is possible.
  9. Do not compare us with your friends. Many men compare their relationship / marriage with the relationship of others. They undermine their own love and admire that of others, frustrating woman’s efforts.
  10. The ex called me, many husband feel insecure about any contact from their ex-girlfriend, even if the women and ex are completely divorced and nothing can happen. The former could call to greet, for work or for anything disturbing. Yes, borders must be maintained. The insecurity of many man is what makes many woman keep secrets and secrets from them at birth, mistrust and complications.

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