10 Things to do EXACTLY in an interview

These tips will help you prepare for the big day of your professional interview. Follow these tips and you will get through the great interview! Whether you are having a fake interview or you are just starting to prepare for your career, practice these tips to properly prepare for the big day!

  1. Dressing Code

To impress the company you are talking to, you need to dress appropriately. If you are wearing business attire, suits, a nice dress or pants if you are a girl, you should avoid wearing your normal day clothes, including yoga pants. Always wear appropriate clothing and be sure to wear professional business attire, as well as practice good hygiene and show how you want the company to see you.

2. Review the questions that the interviewers will ask you

Make sure you prepare a list of questions that the interviewer may ask. You can practice your interview skills with a friend or you can apply for an interview with Interviewstream through the Pomeranz Career Center. Interviewstream will ask questions assimilated to real professional interviews, and you will be able to see comments on your interview. All you need is a camera, or you can even schedule an interview in the interview room at the Career Center in Pomeranc.

3. Do enough research for the company

Browse the website of the company you are applying for and be sure to write down the facts that interest you and the questions you want the interviewer to answer for the company.

4. Respect the interviewers

Have the utmost respect for the interviewers who lead the interview and ask you questions. People always write notes about your answers and your behavior. This is the first impression they have of you, in addition to being on your resume, you want to make sure you leave a lasting positive impression on the company!

5. Good nonverbal behavior

Maintain eye contact with the interviewer during the interview. Make sure you always sit up straight and open with your posture. Look interested in all the questions that the interviewer asks you

6. Get to Interivew on time

Make sure you arrive at least 10 minutes before the interview. The company will appreciate the accuracy and speed. It will also give you a chance to look at the answers to the questions and make sure you look and feel good.

7. Know all the credentials of the company and the job you are applying for

Make sure you know all the aspects and qualifications of the job you are applying for. You want to mention all the qualifications you have about what you think you can bring to the company in the interview.

8. Bring additional summaries

Do not forget to bring additional summaries of the interview in case the company needs another copy. If you have a portfolio, you can also bring it to show some of your past work and achievements.

9. Speak energetically and give real details

Make sure you always have a lot of positive energy and give only real details about your previous employment or achievements. DO NOT LIE about anything in your interview. The company will not want to hire someone with false information.

10. Write thank you letters immediately after the interview

Be sure to thank your interviewers for their time and attention when considering job opportunities. Make sure you continue with the interviewers and the company, too, after your interview is over.

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