Interesting facts of sleeping next to the one you love

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Below are Interesting facts of sleeping next to the one you love;

  1. Makes you feel safe

Do you know that children want to sleep next to their parents because they are afraid of the dark? This is because they feel safe with them. Sleeping next to someone makes you feel safe, thus reducing the chances of having nightmares. Hugging someone during sleep improves our sleep quality. If you sleep with your partner, you will feel calm and peaceful, much more than when you sleep alone.

2. It makes you happier
Do you need a little luck in life? Then sleep next to your loved one! If you share a bed with someone you like every night, it makes you happier by releasing dopamine (responsible for the feeling of pleasure) and serotonin (known as the “happy chemical”) into your body, which improves your mood and makes you you can.

3. Relieves stress
It is very difficult to get quality sleep if you are stressed every day, especially if you sleep alone. If you want to relieve stress, consider sleeping next to someone. When you sleep with someone you care about, your body releases oxytocin which calms you down and helps you manage stress.
The person you love will be here to hug you, help you solve a problem, make you smile or just hug you to sleep. This can lower your blood pressure and lower the levels of cortisol known as the stress hormone. If you combine sleeping with someone with aromatic oils, hot shower and massage, you will not be stressed when you wake up.

4. Makes your relationship healthy
There is nothing better than waking up with a loved one. This is not surprising, given that sleeping with a partner makes people happier and more desirable. People who are in a relationship and sleep apart from their partner tend to feel lonely and depressed from those who sleep next to their partner even when arguing in bed.

5. Improve the quality of your sleep.
Sleeping with someone you love will improve the quality of your sleep. And that’s much better than watching TV and sleeping alone. First, the light from your TV lowers the level of melatonin in your body so that you can not fall asleep quickly. Second, when you sleep alone, your brain starts thinking too much about things, even if your eyes are closed.

6. It has a good effect on your health.
Sleep and rest is what doctors recommend when we are sick. Sleep is deeply linked to our physical and mental health, which means that if we do not get enough sleep, it can lead to decreased immune function, chronic pain, depression and anxiety. But sleeping with a loved one brings amazing benefits to your health. Sleeping with your partner reduces stress and blood pressure, strengthens your immune system, reduces anxiety, improves sleep quality and reduces pain.

7. Lower your blood pressure.
For people with cardiovascular problems, sleeping next to someone can be great for improving their health. Sleeping next to someone in bed can lower your blood pressure. According to a study conducted by the University of North Carolina, which recruited 59 women between the ages of 20 and 49 who lived with a monogamous spouse or partner for at least six months, who said they received the most hugs with their couples. higher oxytocin levels.

8. Improve your immune system
When we catch a cold, we usually spend time in bed sleeping and resting. Sleep helps us recover and fight the cold. But sharing a blanket with your partner can boost your immune system.

9. Makes you younger
Who wants to live forever? Well, we really can not live forever, but we can look younger by sleeping together! Do not spend money on expensive treatments when you can sleep next to your loved one and look younger, being free and unnecessary, sleeping next to someone is a great time to relax, enjoy, cuddle, cuddle, have sex and other things that bring you joy. All of these things together, according to Scottish neuropsychologist David Weeks, reduce stress levels and make your body feel up to 10 years younger.

10. Create perfect sleeping conditions
As you know, your body temperature starts to drop while you sleep. Although you may not have noticed this during the summer, this can be a big problem in the winter months. There is nothing worse than jumping into a cold bed! In this case, lucky are those who sleep with their partner. Sleeping next to someone in bed can create the perfect sleeping conditions. The warmth of the person sleeping next to you will warm you. It will not be cold or too hot. Sleeping conditions will be perfect!

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