Abiud Misholi – Simama Mwenyewe

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Well know Ugandan gospel recording singer artist, and songwriter, Abiud Misholi put a label on a new gospel hit song named Simama Mwenyewe

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This song is powerful, encouraging , oh lord truly you are God. Wewe mungu …thank you Jesus, because when I feel weak this song just helps me.. As Christians we will go through persecutions and temptation and the only one who will get us through them is our lord Lord Jesus Christ.


Abiud Misholi – Simama Mwenyewe Lyrics

Vita vyetu si juu ya damu na nyama.
Bali ni katika ulimwengu wa roho.
Kuna mambo ambayo binadamu huwezi kujisimamia kabisa.
Pale ambapo unasingiziwa mambo ya uongo

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AUDIO Abiud Misholi – Simama Mwenyewe MP3 DOWNLOAD


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