Ambassadors Of Christ Choir – Hosiyana

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Ambassadors of Christ Choir is a choir located in Kigali, Rwanda. Created in 1995, this choir has already done a lot of wonders in terms of gospel music and has become a very well-known band.

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HOSIYANA is a Swahili translation of Hoziana. we hope the new setting an inspiration blesses your souls. The message is TIMELESS.

The Jews thought Jesus had come to save them from civil oppression and make them great again, BUT, they were mistaken, His mission was to save them from sin and eternal death.

His mission was to prepare them for eternity for the hear and now. In the same way, the blessed HOPE is to prepare us for God’s kingdom not for the kingdom down here.

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The mission of Jesus was counter revolutionary, its unlike the notion of the Prosperity Gospel. Its mainly about the Here and After NOT the Heare and Now


“Ambassadors Of Christ Choir – Hosiyana Lyrics

Hozi… Hoziana ah
Hozi… Hoziana ah
Hahirw′Umwami uje mw’izina ry′Uwiteka
Amahoro n’icyubahiro bibe ahasumba hose

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AUDIO Ambassadors Of Christ Choir – Hosiyana MP3 DOWNLOAD


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